Engelmann Media Photomizer 3.0.5949.26767 (x86/x64) Portable by DiZEL + Crack

Engelmann Media Photomizer 3.0.5949.26767 (x86/x64) Portable by DiZEL + Crack

Engelmann Media Photomizer 3.0.5949.26767 (x86/x64) Portable by DiZEL + Crack
Photomizer графичный техред, торгующий на автоматичском государственный строй. Soft создана для и стар и млад юзеров, кто такой жаждал желание обрести наиболее скорые итоги, рядом редактировании фотография. Чудесные желтым функции программные средства отретушируют и отредактирую что попало числовое позитив, согласованно предустановленным опциям наиболее графика. Хотя, про аккуратных юзеров имеется возвожность прирученных опций любое государственное устройство редактирования.

Photomizer editing, working in avtomatichski mode. The program is intended for all users who would like to get the fastest results when editing photos. Unique automatic option program Retouch and edit any digital photo, according to the preset settings of the program. However, for the scrupulous users there is the possibility of manual settings for each edit mode.

Способности графики

— Механическое определение предмета: жонглирует единственно что долями показа, коие могут помочь улучшить всеобщее воспоминание
— Абсолютно самодействующий выбор тональности
— Абсолютно самодействующее вторичное пароксизм
— Абсолютно самодействующая самооптимизация контраста
— Исправление цветной насыщенности фото снимки, чрез вторичного обострения неясного расцветки
— Манипуляция красками
— Абсолютно самодействующая строй управления цветом возможно интенсивностью
— Абсолютно самодействующая концепция равновесия белоснежного
— Абсолютно самодействующая режим устранения ослепительный — беспросветный
— Отстранение тумана и прочих действий погоды
— Ликвидация ненужных цветных нюансов
— Абсолютно самодействующий крупнопакетный строй к серией фото
— Добавочные функции про прирученный оптимизации представления ради любой рисунки
— Чтиво EXIF возможно GEO этих фото снимки

— Automatic object recognition: manipulates only those image parts, which help optimize the overall impression
— Fully automatic selection of tonality
— Fully automatic re-sharpening
— Fully automatic contrast optimization
— Correction of the color intensity of the picture, by re-sharpening dull color
— Manipulation of colors
— Fully automatic hue and saturation control system
— Fully automatic white balance system
— Fully automatic correction system is bright — dark
— Elimination of fog and other weather influences
— Eliminating unwanted color shades
— Fully automatic batch mode for a series of photographs
— Additional option for manual image optimization of each picture
— Reading of EXIF ​​and GEO data Content

Поддерживаемые форматы ввода: — JPG, BMP, TIFF возможно RAW (.raw, .crw, .orf, .3fr, .nef, .tiff, .raf, .nrw, .dng, .cr2 and .arw)
Поддерживаемые форматы заключения: — JPG может быть BMP

The easy-to-operate software impresses with a clear user interface. You see the original picture, preview and work surface directly on the monitor. The results of the optimization are displayed in real time. Simply save all changes — ready. Have you digitalized your slides, negatives, APS-films, raw scans or medium format pictures and do you now want to make more of your pictures? If you have a slide scanner and are not satisfied with the scanned results, Photomizer Scan is your perfect solution.
Perfect settings

Photomizer 3 optimizes your photos automatically. Thereby, the software considers the aspects of colour adjustment, object recognition, redistribution of tonality, white balance, resharpening and setting of shades, saturation, contrast optimization and the bright/dark correction. Furthermore Photomizer 3 adjusts the settings to the visibility of details and colors, to compensate for matte colors, to eliminate bloom, fog and other adverse weather influences. And it eliminates unwanted color casts.
Optimize and repair digital photos

Our innovative object recognition ensures that only those parts of a picture are optimized, which are important for the overall impression.
Artefact filters in order to eliminate flaws from pictures
Repair function for optimization of scanned photos, e.g. for elimination of tears.
Great variety of input formats
In addition to the ususal formats jpg, bmp and tiff, Photomizer 3 also supports many exotics, including a lot of RAW formats: jpeg, tif, gif, png, jxr, hdp, wdp, ico, raw, orf, 3fr, raf, nrw, dng, arw, nef, x3f, srw, pef, rw2, mrw, mdc, mef, dcr, erf, crw, mos, cr2, sr2 and raw of course.
The perfect converter!

Supported output formats:

Photomizer 3 stores photos in all leading formats: in the most popular formats jpg and png for all Интернет applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens, as bitmap (bmp) for permanent archiving in high resolution and a wealth of detail — and as a tiff, gif and jxr (jpeg jxr).
Noise filter/ Denoise
Photomizer 3 is the absolute denoise professional: it effectively and automatically removes disruptive noise, for example for snapshots under unfavourable light conditions.
The photo is twisted? No problem, just rotate it into the correct position!
Batch conversion
Photomizer 3 automatically edits complete collections of images on one mouse click. The batch mode handles even thousands of photos in one step – as swift as an arrow. If requested, all original paths are kept during сторидж.
Non-destructive image editing
With Photomizer 3 nothing gets lost. The original photo remains unchanged in all steps.
Manual optimization
Did you discover one more detail? Photomizer 3 provides also the possibilities for the individual post processing of individual images — even in full-screen mode.
Statistics function
The statistics function provides you an overview of how many photos were already optimized.
Reading and displaying of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera photos.
Fake-HDR function
Create HDR-similar images with one single photo!
Какой-никакие умение интегрированы на свежей версии программные средства
You can now test all functions of the Photomizer 3 in its entirety. The unregistered demo version allows up to 5 saved photos, the registered version of the demo even allows to store up to 25 photos.
And even in the completely free version you can benefit permanently by the following features:
Use the unique red eyes correction of Photomizer 3.
Rotate images.
Cut photos — also with predetermined aspect ratios.
Convert your photo to other formats: e.g. from RAW!

Engelmann Media Photomizer 3.0.5949.26767 (x86/x64) Portable by DiZEL

Целые условия

Windows XP (32-bit) or Windows Vista/7/8/10 (each 32 — bit or 64-bit)
.NET Framework 4.0 (is installed automatically if required)
Min. 1 Gigabyte RAM (2 GByte recommended) — the greater the memory capacity, the better!
A computer CPU with at least 1 GHz, a fast dual-core or quad-core computer is recommended
During the activation of the program a connection to the Internet is require

Данные по части коду (файле):

Имя: Engelmann Media Photomizer Portable
Тумблер: убирать
Формат: 52.8 Мб
Модификация: 3.0.5949.26767
Время производства: 2016
Характер файла: RAR видеоархив
Язычок интерфейса: Ml / Eng /Rus
Барооперационная строй: Windows® /XP/Vista/7/8-10

Title Release: Engelmann Media Photomizer 3.0.5949.26767 (x86/x64) Portable by DiZEL + Crack
License: Cracked
OS: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Release Date: 2018
Requires: No Special Requirements

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